Real estate agent, and Brooklyn Hearth Realty co-founder, Rebekah Carver brings over a decade of bedrock experience, savvy client-to-neighborhood intuition, and sharp business acumen to her transactions with clients and customers. She leads the process with a refreshing blend of straightforwardness and loyalty.

“Real estate is a service industry, and I am aim to be the stress-free conduit to guide my clients and customers to their goals,” Rebekah says.

Rebekah works from Brooklyn Hearth’s Ditmas Park office, a Brooklyn neighborhood she’s been a resident of for 11 years. Rebekah, and her Brooklyn Hearth co-founders, were early champions of the transitioning neighborhood and have been essential in shaping its rise as an emerging community. The enclave’s main street, Cortelyou Road, has become a diverse ‘restaurant row,’ drawing in foodies, both local and from surrounding boroughs.  

Working at the ground level during this pivotal and booming period, Rebekah became attuned to the intricacies and special offerings of other Brooklyn neighborhoods including, but not limited to, Crown Heights, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope.

“I’m a Brooklyn enthusiast and well-versed in how the surrounding areas are changing, through new communities forming and new economies thriving,” Rebekah explains. “All neighborhoods have a personality, and I’m very good at matching people with emerging and established Brooklyn neighborhoods.”

Prior to real estate, Rebekah was in the field of television production. The industry’s notion of envisioning the big picture first, and then building toward the end product has positively and uniquely impacted her work in real estate. “With regards to the transactions themselves, my past has helped me to look at the full picture, figure out what is working and what could work, and then plot the best way to get there,” she explains.

In sales, this approach helps sellers showcase their properties in the most appealing and effective ways. Rebekah is also an asset to buyers, helping them envision the full range of possibilities through various purchasing options. “One of my favorite things is to discover the untapped potential of new spaces,” Rebekah says. “It makes the process exciting and helps people see things in a new way.”

Rebekah’s work with Brooklyn Hearth has been about building a reputation, one successful sale at a time, without a corporate brand lineage to fall back on. “We always know that customers have a choice to go with a big firm so we work really, really hard to honor our clients,” she says.

Reflecting back on her career, Rebekah says: “I’ve met so many inspiring people along the way. You learn so much from everyone you work with because the nature of the work is so intimate, and each person you meet is at a different stage of their lives. This work has had such a positive and profound impact on my life.”