Throughout her career of nearly 20 years, Anna Kahn has sold over $200 million of property throughout Manhattan. During this time Anna’s clients have chosen her for her candor, warmth, and industriousness. She is known for being an ally throughout every facet of the process of selling or purchasing a home.

Her negotiations have been profiled in some of the biggest media outlets, but for Anna, the biggest accolades have been the enduring relationships she’s forged with her clients and their families. These ties have spanned through multiple sales and generations.

“People entrust me with their two top priorities: their home and family. I leave no stone unturned to serve my clients. This is a profound and intense process and the thought that is always foremost on my mind is my client’s interest to create an experience that is pleasant and successful for them.”

Since 1996, Anna has been an agent with the preeminent brokerage firm Halstead Property, LLC, working out of the company’s Upper West Side office. She is an expert in co-ops, condos, and townhouses throughout Manhattan, and works skillfully across demographics. Her clients include seasoned investors, high-profile personalities, prominent corporate executives, and first-time homebuyers. Her sales have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, and The New York Post, among other media outlets.

“My guide has been honesty and hard work, carefully educating my clients to help them make the best decision for them and their families. On either side, buyer or seller, it’s a big move and, as a broker, you have to be knowledgeable, patient, empathetic, and intuitive,” she confides.

Foundational to Anna’s work is her unparalleled knowledge of Manhattan. “I was raised here, and since the start of my career, I have worked throughout Manhattan. I’ve memorized floor plan layouts, views, and square-footages. I know buildings’ financials, histories and reputations. I’ve worked hard to establish important co-op board and managing agent relationships,” Anna explains. Enriching this is her robust network of contacts, and her innovative strategies in price negotiation and marketing.

For buyers, she’s a soothing and well-informed coach, prepping clients for co-op board reviews. Through leveraging her vast network of broker relationships throughout the industry, Anna casts a wide net in the search process to find that perfect home. She is an advocate for her buyers helping to promote them to the seller, especially in the case where there are multiple bids.

For sellers, Anna can expertly advise pricing strategies and is an adept marketer. She uses breakthrough technology, including producing 3D walkthroughs, time-lapsed views, artful and exquisite brochures, and video tours. Anna ensures the most captivating experience when viewing a listing on her website through meaningful content, captivating ad-copy, and the most beautiful presentation. She creates this high-level viewer experience utilizing her team of the finest architectural photographers and floor plan drafters and through her talent for traditional and virtual staging. Anna can assemble a team to expertly guide renovation approaches and projects. Anna is proud to stand out among her peers for her robust social media presence, which she leverages to garner national and international attention for her listings. Anna is active on the major social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She has thousands of followers on Twitter where she engages with her audience to advertise her listings and shares New York City trends and real estate related news.

In addition to this, Anna is a certified relocation specialist highly experienced in managing a sale or purchase anywhere in Manhattan for a relocating individual or family. Anna is fluent in Russian and from an international background herself, apt at servicing international clients from various cultures and backgrounds.

For all her of professional life, Anna has been a dedicated real estate agent loyal to Halstead. She has chosen to be devoted to the company that she considers the most innovative and supportive of its brokers and that she truly loves. “It’s been a wonderful journey,” Anna says reflecting back. “A lot of my close friends started off as clients. I love what I do so much and am extremely fortunate to have such wonderful clients and colleagues and a successful and exciting career.”