Founder and CEO of Greencopper



Music technology innovator Gwenaël Le Bodic, founder and CEO of Greencopper, is reimagining the live music performance experience with technical solutions that deepen fan bonds, connect communities, and foster exciting new music discoveries.

For Gwenaël, Greencopper is the culmination of a journey to connect his passion and expertise in the realm of technology with his desire to make a tangible meaningful contribution to the music industry.  Gwenaël has a unique resume for a music technology innovator. He wields 15 years of experience building large-scale telecom-grade solutions in the domain of mobile messaging for several powerhouse telecommunications companies. He’s highly regarded in this context and has authored three technology manuals and been awarded nine patents.  Parallel to his development work, Gwenaël has worked in the realm of product management. As a technology entrepreneur, this fusion of profession experiences has given him the ability to build innovative products well aligned with marketplace needs.

“For me, it’s all about how I can create value for others,” the Montreal-based technology entrepreneur says. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people use technology you developed—your hard work in action.”

It was while enjoying one of his main passions, live music, that Gwenaël had something of an epiphany that brought together his desire to connect his professional experience and passion for technology with his need to offer a significant service to the public at large.  “I remember going to a Montreal festival thumbing through a complex booklet of show times to figure out my day’s itinerary. I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool in my pocket to make the discovery and planning easier?’” This would be the moment that launched a new era for live music performance.

In addition to helping festivalgoers manage overwhelming schedules, Greencopper innovations offer interactive maps and music discovery tools that foster deeper connections with fans throughout the festival—before, during and after—profoundly enhancing their experience. Greencopper offers technological solutions that help engaged fans interact through Facebook and other social media outlets. And Greencopper also nurtures meaningfully connections between brands and consumers. Currently, Greencopper is launching a highly anticipated new service, Golive, which brings the company’s internationally recognized technology developed over the past 5 years to a larger festival network of all sizes, so organizers can create their own mobile apps and publish a user-friendly event calendar on their website.

In 2009, Gwenaël built his first mobile music app, and later that year brokered impressive deals in France and back home in Canada, supplying apps to enhance big-ticket music festivals. Since then, Greencopper has become the world’s largest provider of innovative technology solutions to music festival organizers, delivering sophisticated technology to over 200 festivals in 22 countries, serving over 6 million users worldwide. Greencopper’s customer references include Pitchfork Music Festival, Sasquatch! Festival, CMJ, Canada’s Osheaga, Mexico’s Corona Capital, and German festivals organized by the FKP Scorpio promoter.

Reflecting back on the past five years, Gwenaël says: “The most meaningful experience has been the opportunity to see firsthand music fans using our apps at festivals, being able to share content with friends. I find that deeply rewarding and just amazing.”